• Improve the quality and availability of information to state budget offices
  • Provide opportunities to share practices across states
  • Provide training and research information through publications and seminars
  • Work with and assist state groups, such as the National Governors Association, in the development and implementation of policy positions on state fiscal issues 


NASPE provides a collaborative forum for State HR leaders to share effective leading practices. 


NASCIO’s mission is to foster government excellence through quality business practices, information management, and technology policy. 


Help NASPO members achieve success as public procurement leaders in their states through promotion of best practices, education, professional development, research, and innovative procurement strategies. 


The National Association of State Facilities Administrators (NASFA) is a professional organization whose mission is fostering communication and providing leadership in the development and implementation of state facility administration practices. 



NGA is boldly bipartisan. Through NGA, governors share best practices, speak with a collective voice on national policy and develop innovative solutions that improve state government and support the principles of federalism. 

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