2018 Institute on Management and Leadership Theme Announced

2018 Institute on Management and Leadership Theme Announced

Leading Sustainable Innovation Selected; Call for Case Studies Now Open

  • 15 February 2018

Leading Sustainable Innovation

Starting an innovation and change initiative is one thing. Moving the initiative sustainably over the finish line is another. Starting takes vision, creativity, and ingenuity. Sustaining requires power, persuasion, and resolve. What sets apart transformative leaders is their ability to pull all the pieces together and deliver sustainable results.

Leading sustainable change is at the heart of what it means to be a state chief administrator. And the urgency for results is palpable – with gubernatorial elections in 36 states in 2018 – what state chief administrators do in the months ahead to deliver results is critically important. For those who are facing a change in administration, the focus will be implementing strategies to solidify and sustain innovation. For others who will remain in office, the emphasis is on scaling and accelerating transformations to achieve new outcomes that matter to citizens.

To effectively lead sustainable innovation, today’s state chief administrators must grapple with big questions: What strategies can we employ to move forward innovation in a shifting environment? How do we foster continuity through a change in leadership? What steps can we take to prepare for successions? How can we develop people and teams that can operate effectively in the midst of great change and build a culture of innovation and continuous improvement?

At the 2018 Institute on Management and Leadership, participants will learn about and share best practices on leading sustainable innovation in government. Together, attendees of the Institute will explore strategies to manage the lifecycle of innovation, craft effective narratives to sustain transformations, and build the strategies to deliver results.  

The call for case studies is now open. This year’s case studies should act as catalysts for participants to learn about and share best practices on leading sustainable change. A successful case could feature a state that was able to capitalize on a disruptive technology and leverage it to change the way they are delivering services. Or, a case could highlight a SCA’s efforts to build an organizational culture that supports innovation, and establish new processes and structures to maintain an innovative initiative. This year’s case could feature a transformation effort that progressed across multiple administrations. Or, it could highlight a state that has found a new way to incentivize and reward innovation and grow managers with strategic skills. 

Please review the Case Study Selection Process & Criteria before submitting. Deadline to submit nominations is March 15, 2018 at 5:00 p.m. ET. 

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