Webinar: How to Communicate Effectively with the Media During Difficult Times

4/8/2011 1:00 PM - 4/8/2011 2:00 PM


This high level discussion offered practical advice on how to prepare for, and manage through, crisis situations in a public and communications environment that is more volatile and multi-faceted. Roger Harvey, Principal of Bose Public Affairs Group and John Himie, Co-Founder & Principal of Himie Horner, Inc, will draw on years of experience advising business, government, and non-profit executives on how to mitigate the consequences of complicated crisis matters.

Roger Harvey is a principal with Bose Public Affairs Group. He works closely with corporations, governmental entities, and non-profit organizations providing strategic communications services. His expertise includes crisis communications, public relations, media coaching, and grassroots campaigns. Prior to joining Bose Public Affairs Group, Harvey spent 18 years working in television news as an Emmy award-winning journalist. His news reports have been featured on MSNBC, CBS, CNN, and Court TV as well as network affiliates across the country. Harvey received an Edward R. Murrow regional award for his reporting in Afghanistan.

John Himle is the Co-Founder and Principal of the public relations firm of Himle Horner. Himle Horner Inc. has earned a reputation as a leading strategic public affairs and public relations firm. Prior to forming the firm, Himle was first elected in 1980 where he served five terms as a member of the Minnesota House of Representatives and held leadership positions including assistant majority leader, floor leader, and assistant minority leader. Appointed by Governor Carlson in 1991, Himle also served eight years as a member of the Metropolitan Airports Commission where he was responsible for overseeing the governmental approvals and construction program related to the $2.5 billion expansion of the country’s 10th largest airport at Minneapolis/St. Paul. Himle has received various recognitions for his service, including the "Government Affairs Service Award" from the Advertising Federation of Minnesota and the "First Decade Distinguished Alumni Award" from Gustavus Adolphus College.

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