NASCA Innovations in State Government


About the award:  

The 2018 Innovations awards program will be open June 4, 2018 through July 6, 2018. NASCA established the Innovations in State Government Awards program to recognize state administration department programs and projects that exemplify best practices. This awards program will recognize one outstanding state government initiative in each the following categories:



  • General Services (procurement, fleet, mail, printing, supplies, surplus)
  • Infrastructure (facilities, construction, information technology, telecommunication)
  • Financial Management (risk management, accounting, state budget, state insurance, audit)
  • Personnel (human resources, professional development training) 
Who is eligible:

NASCA welcomes submissions from state government administration departments (i.e. NASCA's primary membership departments.) Submissions must be unique and governmental staff from the administration department must have played a significant role in developing the program or project.
  • State must be a paid member of NASCA
  • Submissions must be made by State Chief Administrators (or equivalent) or other state member with the State Chief Administrator's approval
  • Only one nomination per state is allowed in each category
  • A project can only be nominated in one category, not multiple categories
  • Nominated programs/projects should have occurred between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2018
  • Only completed submissions will be accepted
  • Submissions will only be accepted online
  • Prior year submissions that have been updated can also be submitted


There will be three main criteria for the Innovations in State Government Awards:

1.) Innovation:  Unusual or unique approach, scale, or magnitude of effort; conceptual originality. This category should answer the question, “What makes this project stand out as a notable contribution in state administration?

2.) Transferability: Primarily an external focus that assesses the practical ability by other states to replicate or use as a benchmark, considering expected resources required and generality of the legal or structural environment in which the entry was implemented

3.) Efficiency Created:  An internal focus that assesses the results of the project or initiative. The results can be measured in multiple ways included actual or potential cost savings or other efficiency created by this initiative.



The deadline to submit has been EXTENDED to July 10, 2018 at 11:59pm EST. 


Category of General Services:
State of Georgia
Category of Infrastructure:
State of Kansas
FOCUS - Focus On Customer, Updgrade, Support
Category of Financial Management:
State of New York
Travel and Expense Shared Services in New York State
Category of Personnel:
State of Illinois

Rapid Results Initiative
Category of General Services:
State of North Carolina 
Motor Fleet Management Transformation

Category of Infrastructure:
State of Washington
Employee-Driven Eco-Friendly Landscape Management Project

Category of Financial Management:
State of Wyoming
Validated Performance Measurement Survey

Category of Personnel:
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania 

Commonwealth Next Generation Initiative

Category of General Services:
State of Louisiana
Procurement Business Transformation
Category of Infrastructure:
State of Tennessee
Facilities Management Outsourcing
Category of Financial Management:
State of Minnesota
MnSAFE – Safety Accountability from Everyone
Category of Personnel:
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Commonwealth Mentoring Program (CMP)
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