NASCA 2017 Strategic Planning Committee Call for Volunteers

February 17, 2017

Dear State Members and Corporate Partners,

The NASCA Executive Committee recently completed strategic planning for our organization. The Strategic Plan will be used as a framework for long and short term planning, and includes three main goals to address who we are, what we offer and how we provide services. This plan is designed to enable our Executive Committee, members, corporate partners and staff to make decisions and evolve programs to best meet the needs of our membership. We strongly encourage and welcome member participation and feedback in this plan. Below is a high-level overview of NASCA’s new strategic goals and strategies.  Go here to review the entire document

To turn this vision into action, the Executive Committee developed several short-term work groups to complete the outlined goals and strategies.  Volunteer participation is open to NASCA state chief administrators, senior staff or deputies and our corporate partners.  If you would like to participate, please sign up here by February 28. As work is completed and our strategies evolve, these work groups will sunset and new work groups may be developed. NASCA standing committees will work collaboratively with the work groups as these goals often intersect. 

This is an exciting time for our association, and we appreciate your efforts and commitment to ensure that NASCA continues to provide a forum to exchange information, share ideas and support best practices for valued state operations.

Thank you,

NASCA Executive Committee

Chris Liu, State of Washington, President
Ed Burckle, State of New Mexico, Vice President
Sid Johnson,  State of Georgia, Secretary/Treasurer
Robert Blair, State of Ohio
Byron Diamond, State of Nebraska
Daniel C. Kim, State of California
Bob Oglesby,  State of Tennessee 
Janet Phipps, State of Iowa
Jessica Robertson, State of Indiana
Dan Ross, State of Oklahoma 
June Taylor, State of Colorado

CC: Sarah Razor, NASCA Executive Director


Goal 1:

NASCA is the recognized leader in state government’s operational excellence

Goal 2:

NASCA is the preferred community and trusted resource for Chief Administrators and their teams.

         Goal 3:

NASCA has the appropriate structure and resources (financial & other) to achieve its goals.


§  Define who we are (individually/as a collective)

§  Develop an effective brand, marketing and communication strategy

§  Position Chief Administrators as the collective voice for state government operations

§  Develop member driven programs and educational resources that provide value and resources for all members of the NASCA community

§  Develop a partnership strategy

§  Curate and disseminate best practices, success stories, case studies, and all other relevant information

§  Identify operational needs

§  Identify monetary resources to meet NASCA’s operational needs

§  Create a development campaign

§  Create technology strategy to support networking and collaboration

Volunteer Opportunity

Work Group #1

Work Group #2
Membership Work Group
Best Practices Task Force

Work Group #3
Work Group #4

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